Lumatek 400V HPS Lamps

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The Lumatek HPS 400V Lamp (High-Pressure Sodium) is one of the highest quality lamps on the market. All of the components are strengthened and designed to last. The lamp is long lasting and only needs to be changed roughly after 24,000 hours. With the unique dual spectrum, the Lumatek lamp will deliver fantastic results through your entire grow and flowering cycles. Boost your yields thanks to a unique gas blend with an optimised spectrum to promote photosynthesis. Enhanced blue spectrum technology delivers a dual-spec lamp with an incredible 85,000 lumens.

HPS Lamps are available in two wattage’s, 600W and 1000W.

We recommend using 400V HPS Lamps in conjunction with the Lumatek Ballasts for the best result.

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600W, 1000W

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