Black Orchid Centri Flo Twin Speed

Black Orchid Centri Flo Twin Speed Fan.

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The Black Orchid Centri Flo Twin Speed Fan is perfect for circulating fresh air in small grow rooms. It offers a high airflow rating by using a centrifugal blade and German manufactured motor. It will fit duct sizes of diameters of 4-12″. It has a thermal cut out to prevent overload and mounting brackets are included with the fan so you can put it anywhere you want in your grow rooms and tents.

The fan comes in 3 different versions, this one being the twin speed fan unit. Other versions include the temperature and speed control fan unit and the regular centrifugal fan unit with plug and lead.

Each size comes with a different max airflow as seen below:

Centri-Flo Twin-Speed 4” : 250 m3/hour
Centri-Flo Twin Speed 5” : 365 m3/hour
Centri-Flo Twin Speed 6” : 495 m3/hour
Centri-Flo Twin Speed 8” : 790 m3/hour
Centri-Flo Twin Speed 10” : 1150 m3/hour
Centri-Flo Twin Speed 12” : 1325 m3/hour

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4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"

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