Black Orchid Even Flo Filters

Black Orchid Even Flo Filters

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Black Orchid Even Flo Filters are perfect most sized grow rooms and come in a range of different sizes and have different max airflow’s, to fit your personal needs, these sizes and airflow’s are as seen below:

  •  100x150mm = 200m3/hour
  •  100x300mm = 350m3/hour
  •  125x200mm = 250m3/hour
  •  125x300mm = 470m3/hour
  •  150x300mm = 470m3/hour
  •  150x600mm = 900m3/hour
  •  200x600mm = 1000m3/hour

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100x150mm, 100x300mm, 125x200mm, 125x300mm, 150x300mm, 150x600mm, 200x600mm

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