Black Orchid Hydro Box Tent 120x60x200cm

A flagship premium growers tent that comes with everything you would expect from a brand. This medium sized rectangular 120x60x200cm tent is perfectly suited to grow a number of individual plants, mothers, cloning or to propagate seeds.
The Hydrobox in our opinion, is the choice every grower should make when considering a tent environment. Features that stand out are the metal push-fit corners, highly reflective diamond mylar, flawless zips, 4 x hanging bars and all the vent sockets you need.
Black Orchid cleverly utilise the logo tab for a hygrometer pocket. Also, the Hydrobox tent has four hanging bars. This really helps when hanging all your hydroponic equipment such at propagation lights, filters and fans. The extra hanging bar also ensures a much more stable hanging structure.



Hydro Box Tent

The Black Orchid Hydro Box Tent offers that best in quality, durability and versatility. Many features are included as standard and certified PVC free. Giving out only 0.8% light radiation.  The tent has a 95% reflective diamond PVC free Mylar for guaranteed maximum light distribution. The tents contain 4 super thick hanging bars to hand your lights, reflectors and anything else you may want to hang in the tents. The metal poles inside the tent don’t just prevent sagging but are coated with white reflective heavy duty paint. They are easy to set up and have push fit metal corners to reduce erection time. On the doors of the tent, there is heavy duty easy pull zips that will not get stuck and have a long life due to the material they are made out of.

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