Black Orchid Pro Ratchet Rope Ratchets



The Pro Ratchet Rope Ratchets, created by Black Orchid are filter rope ratchet hangers and are one of the best ways to hang machinery. The Pro Ratchet Rope Ratchets are a more heavy duty and sturdy ratchet, being able to hold an impressive 34kg each. They also have a high quality thick rope that stops them from fraying as easily as other rope ratchets. They can be used to attach all sorts of objects such as fans and filters and are simple to use. All you have to do is attach one clip of your Pro Ratchet Rope Hanger to your tent hanging bars, roof rafters, joists and purlin and the other to your lights, reflectors, fans or whatever else you want to hang up. The knob on the side of the ratchet is used to adjust the height.

The ratchets come in boxes of two.

If more information is needed on the product, or if you would like to visit the manufactures website, please Click Here.

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