Blauberg Plastic Circular Ducting Reducer

Blauberg Plastic Circular Ducting Reducer

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The Blauberg Plastic Circular Ducting Reducers are created from a light weight polymer coated steel making the product a robust and giving it a long life. The Circular Ducting Reducers polymer coating is also white and is shaped so it looks modern and sleek.

The purpose for the product is for connection of round air ducts.

Who are Blauberg?

Blauberg Ventilatoren is a future and client-orientated company, which stands for innovative technology and timeless design for the ventilation industry. With a great range of the fans and ventilation accessories Blauberg is represented in more than 20 countries.

The Growers Wholesale are ready to offer you the most complete product range at the ventilation market with Blaubergs products, starting with domestic fans, including  accessories for single-room ventilation with heat recovery and industrial fans and finishing with individually designed ventilation units and systems.

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125mm – 100mm, 150mm – 100mm, 150mm – 125mm

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