Blauberg Flexible Silencer

Blauberg Flexible Silencer

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The Blauberg Flexible Silencer for the attenuation of noise product by a ventilation system and spread along ventilation duct works. It can be used jointly with sound insulated fans in premises that may have high noise requirements to noise level that is usually produced by ventilation equipment. Compatible with Ø 100 mm up to 315 mm round air ducts.  The design of the silencer consists of outer and inner flexible spiral seam air ducts made of aluminium alloy and filled with non-flammable sound-absorbing material. The internal surface is perforated and covered with protection coating to prevent fibre blowing out.  The silencer comes in a variety of different sizes and lengths in order to fit all different sizes of ducts.

When mounting the flexible silencer, it should be done using clamps. You can use any mounting position but for better sound absorption, install the silencers in series. Fixing on both ends and in the middle to prevent sagging.

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Who are Blauberg?

Blauberg Ventilatoren is a future and client-orientated company, which stands for innovative technology and timeless design for the ventilation industry. With a great range of the fans and ventilation accessories Blauberg is represented in more than 20 countries.

The Growers Wholesale are ready to offer you the most complete product range at the ventilation market with Blaubergs products, starting with domestic fans, including  accessories for single-room ventilation with heat recovery and industrial fans and finishing with individually designed ventilation units and systems.

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500mm Lg x 100mm, 500mm Lg x 125mm, 500mm Lg x 150mm, 500mm Lg x 200mm, 500mm Lg x 250mm, 500mm Lg x 315mm

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