Blauberg In Line Filter Box

Blauberg In Line Filter Box

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Blauberg In Line Filter Boxes are for the purification of supply of exhaust air in ventilation and air conditioning systems installed in various premises. It is specifically designed for the protection of air ducts, heat exchangers, fans, controls and other ventilation system equipment against dust pollution. This filter box not only reduces dust pollution but prevents contamination of walls and ceilings located near the system. It can be used as pre-filters install upstream, making a more efficient filter. Compatible with Ø 100 up to 315 mm round air ducts.

Blauberg’s Filter Boxes come equipped with a hard galvanised steel tight as well as an airtight connection of the filter box with air ducts to connecting flanges with a rubber seal.  It comes with a flat filter cartridge made from high quality synthetic non woven cloth with filtration class 54.  The filter cartridge is fixed on a steel wire frame. You can get quick access to the replaceable filter cartridge due to the level locks on the casing.

When fixing the filter box onto your ducts. You should use clamps, you can attach it using any mounting position. While mounting  you should provide extra space for free access to the filter when it needs to be serviced.

If more information is needed on Blauberg’s Filter Boxes, or if you would like to see the manufacturers website Click Here.

Who are Blauberg?

Blauberg Ventilatoren is a future and client-orientated company, which stands for innovative technology and timeless design for the ventilation industry. With a great range of the fans and ventilation accessories Blauberg is represented in more than 20 countries.

The Growers Wholesale are ready to offer you the most complete product range at the ventilation market with Blaubergs products, starting with domestic fans, including  accessories for single-room ventilation with heat recovery and industrial fans and finishing with individually designed ventilation units and systems.


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100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm

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