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Cli-Mate Climate Controller 7 Amp (KC2011-T7)

Cli-Mate Climate Controller 7 Amp (KC2011-T7)

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The Climate Controller is an air conditioner for your grow rooms allowing you to control and automate your indoor climate. Temperature controlled and plug and play, the Climate Controller is the best for the job. It also contains a electronic speed controller. It is provided with two build in terminals and a pre mounted temperature sensor on top of the controller. Other specific features on the cli-mate controller include:

  •  Fully adjustable, automatic temperature control.
  • 2 Fan inlets on either side of the device.
  • Advanced hysteresis fan speed adjustment with 7°C of bandwidth.
  • Easy to calibrate using dials.
  •  Includes a mounting plate on the back side.
  • Incorporates a sensor for the indoor temperature.
  • Analog controller, allowing for simple and easy operation.
  • includes a metal mounting plate, enabling you to put it wherever suits you.

The Climate Controller is available in three different AMP’s:

  • 7 AMP
  • 12 AMP
  • 16 AMP

Technical data:


  • Temperature range : 5 – 55 °C
  • Power supply : 220/230V – 50Hz
  • Switching differential : 1ºC per step
  • Protection class : IP44
  • Measurements : 190x135x85 mm
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