Cli-Mate Mini-Controller 3 Amp (MG-3)

Cli-Mate Mini-Controller 3 Amp (MG-3)

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The Cli-Mate Mini Controller is an ‘all-in-one’ hybrid controller for the simultaneous control of your indoor climate, lighting and heating devices. It also counts with a DC connection to plug in for example a clip fan. The Cli-Mate Mini Controller has a wide array of features such as:

  • Plug & Play, making it easy to set up in little or no time whatsoever so you can get to growing.
  • Easy and ready to use once the product has been set up, which has been said before is also easy to do.
  • Made with only the best, high quality components, ensuring a strong and robust build which gives the controller a longer life span.
  • The product is analog.
  • It also includes a replacement fuse in the case that the other one provided is either faulty so you have a back up ready to go.

The controller is available for customers in:

  • 2 x 600W /1 x 3500 + 3 AMP
  • 4 x 600W /1 x 3500 + 7 AMP

Technicalities of the Mini Controller

  • Temperature range: 5-55ºC
  • Power supply : 1-fase 220/240V – 50Hz
  • Switching differential: 1ºC per step
  • Heater inlet : Max. 3500 WATT per inlet
  • Lamp inlet : Max. 600 WATT per inlet
  • Protection class: IP44
  • Measures : 250x220x120mm
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