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Cli-Mate Multi Controller

Cli-Mate Multi-Controller

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Cli-Mate’s Multi Controller is two climate controllers with hysteresis in one device. The controller is extremely easy to use and is made from the highest quality components making it extremely reliable and durable enabling for a long life. As well as this, it allows for the following applications:

  • Independent and specific settings for the air intake and outtake so you can change them to your personal preference.
  • Controls two different rooms or spaces with independent settings.
  • Has a power that can go all the way up to a max of 32 total ampage.
  • 2 External temperature sensors.
  • Fully adjustable, automatic temperature control.
  • The controller contains an advanced hysteresis fan speed adjustment with 7ºC of bandwidth.
  • 4 fan inlets on the sides of the device.
  • Easy to calibrate using dials on the device.
  • Includes a mounting plate on the back, fitted with a cooler.

Technical Data:

  • Temperature range : 5-55ºC
  • Power Supply : 220/230V – 50Hz
  • Switching differential : 1ºC per step
  • Protection class : IP44 ADVANCED CLIMATE SOLUTIONS Measures : 150x230x85mm

The Mini-Controller is an ‘all in one’ hybrid controller for the control of indoor climates, lighting and heating devices. It is very easy to use and made from the highest quality components making it extremely reliable and durable.

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7 x 7AMP =14AMP (MC-7-7), 12 x 12AMP = 24AMP (MC-12-12), 16 x 16AMP = 32AMP (MC-16-16)

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