Cli-Mate Relay Switch 8 Switch (RC-2010D8)

Cli-Mate Relay Switch 8 Switch (RC-2010D8)

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The Cli-Mate relay switch is a relay cabinet that is a highly reliable and secure device, made from components of the highest quality and durability. The relay box has many features such as it’s state of the art German design timer. The relay box is also covered in a new, sleek splash proof housing and is protected by a fuse, it also includes a heater inlet.

When bought, the product is simple to assemble and takes minimal time allowing for plug & play. It also comes with a detailed manual on the product to make it even easier for the buyer.

Cli-Mate® is the better brand of a complete line (climate) control. With a solid product range and maximum service Cli-Mate has grown to more than 8 years in development and production, a leading brand in Europe. The dedication, knowledge and experience in climate control guaranteed Cli-Mate to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more in depth information on the products from Cli-Mate, visit their website and Click Here.


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