Cli-Mate Twin Controller

Cli-Mate Twin Controller

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Cli-Mate’s Fan Controllers are the top of the range, best quality temperature and fan regulators with amazing products such as their Twin Controller.

The Cli-Mate Twin Controller helps control the air temperature in your grow room without any hassle and in the easiest way possible! It controls the air intake and outtake with independent settings and includes a mountain plate on the back enabling to put it wherever best suits you, it also has a second connection point on the side of the controller. The Twin Controller has a wide array of gadgets. One of which is that the controller is fully adjustable and has automatic air control. It also includes a sensor to help you regulate the temperature within your indoor grow room. It has calibration knobs making it much easier to use and making the controller beginner friendly and less of a hassle to set up. The negative pressure knob also helps unwanted smells and smokes leave the room.

Temperature range : 5-55 °C Power supply : 220/230V – 50Hz Switch differential: 1°C per step Protection class: IP44 Measures : 190 x 135 x 85mm

Customers can choose from two different controller sizes:

4 + 4Amp
12 + 12Amp

CLI MATE® is the better brand of a complete line (climate) control. With a solid product range and maximum service Cli-Mate has grown to more than 8 years in development and production, a leading brand in Europe. The dedication, knowledge and experience in climate control guaranteed Cli-Mate your 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on Cli-Mates fan controllers please check out Cli-Mate’s YouTube account and video on the Cli-Mate Twin Controller


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4 + 4 AMP, 12 + 12 AMP

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