DLI DIODE-Series 96W



DLI DIODE-Series 96W

DLI DIODE-Series 96W 120/277V Interlighting Fixture.

DLI Interlighting fixtures are designed to deliver high levels of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) values with optimal angled vertical light uniformity. The Interlighting
modules are constructed in a slim water-proof design and suspended between the plant canopy rows with the easy-hang system.

A percentage of harvestable plant height can suffer from lack of light due to dense canopy
foliage; which will result in fewer flowers. The DLI Interlighting system will provide High
PAR PPF at an optimized coverage angle making sure the whole plant is activated by light;
extensive trials have shown bigger leaves and flowers at the lower portions on the plant.
The modules emit very little heat and require no active cooling minimizing leaf burn.

The Dutch Lighting Innovations DIODE-Series Interlighting fixtures are designed to be used in
combinations with the DLI JOULE-Series. The combination of top light and intercanopy light
provides the plant-specific uniform light pattern for a uniform plant. The LED-spectrum is
optimized by DLI for the optimum growth on the bottom of the canopy. By using a passive
high cooling surface the durability of the LED’s is preserved.

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