DLI JOULE-Series 1000W



DLI JOULE-Series 1000W

The DLI JOULE-Series 1000W DE fixture is the most efficient and compact fixture available in the market. The DLI fixture is made with high-quality components to assure a
long life and a safe operation.

The DLI JOULE-Series DE fixture is made to grow plants. The 1000W Double Ended DLI High Frequency and High-Pressure Sodium lamp is specially made for a High
Frequency electronic driver. The output of the DLI JOULE-Series 1000W DE fixture can be adjusted from 600 to 1150 W by a switch on the housing or remotely switched and
adjusted by the DLM 4-Zone Controller.

The 1000W Fixture is designed for the DLI Horticulture Plus 1000W
DE Lamp. The lamp is optimised by DLI to increase photosynthesis
efficiency in flowering plants. By enhancing the gas chemistry of the
lamp the output maintains high life.

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