Emperor Light 12″ 4500m3/h Carbon Filter

Cobra 12″ 4500m3/h Carbon Filter

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Emperor Light carbon filters are the result of solid research and over 20 years experience in air scrubbing and purification in different sectors.

Through Carbon Filter’s expertise and creative innovation, they’ve developed solutions that enable you to eliminate problems with unwanted smells and gases quickly, effectively and at a reasonable price with the Emperor Light Carbon Filter. Emperor Light carbon filters are available in different models with varying capacities and airflow. Because they are made of carbon they have a very high capacity and are very durable, ensuring a long life. Light filters use a lightweight granulate with particles of 2.7-4.9 mm. Besides the advantage of the weight this type of carbon also has a high hardness and adsorbing ability for a long service life and a quality result.

Emperor Light carbon filters come in a range of different sizes which each have different capacity’s m3/h and depending on size can be used in different circumstances such as if you have a smaller space and need smaller filters to fit your setup or a larger space in which you need a larger filter in order to keep the large area smelling fresh and clean.

For Emperor Light Carbon Filters, we are currently the only distributors in the United Kingdom and are proud to be Carbon Filter’s only UK distributors!


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