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Gold Label Ultra MG

Gold Label Ultra MG

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Gold Label Ultra MG is a additive which contains nitrogen and magnesium additives for all plant development stages. Ultra MG has been specifically developed to perfectly balance the NKP and micro elements in all stages of vegetative and generative development for your plants. It contains high quality magnesium chelate which means it can be easily absorbed by your plant in a wide pH range.

A deeper analysis of the product shows it contains:

MgO: 5%     SO3: 10%


Ultra MG should be used continuously on inert media as a replenishment on peat and compost media. It can be used in combination with all Gold Label Base Nutrients, 0.25-1ml/litre. You should never combine pure nutrients additives together and always mix them with water. Shake bottles before use and store at room temperature at all times.


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500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

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