Innovating Plant Products Ultimate B Plus

Innovating Plant Products Ultimate B Plus

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Ultimate B Plus is another Innovative product brought to you by Innovating Plant Products. We have developed a B-1 complex formula to give your plant an enormous boost of energy which ensures rapid root and vegetative growth as well as lush flower production.
This product contains natural auxins and cytokin-ins.By using Ultimate B Plus you will have healthy plants that are naturally able to stave off stress caused by pests, pathogens, drought, transplant-ing, or pruning. Our formula also gives vigorous root development by supplying the needed vitamins to the root system. It also helps the plant to take in more nutrients.
When used in conjunction with Black Storm and Gold Storm it makes productive plants with an armoured shield to protect them from all kinds of stress. Ultimate B Plus has many applications and is essential for all types of gardening. Use it as a foliar spray, soil drench, or nutrient supplement in hydroponic or soil gardens.

We are one of 2 who are the only people that distribute Innovating Plant Products in the UK and have been personally chosen to do so!

For more information on the product, or if you would like to visit the manufacturers website, please Click Here.

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