Shinobi Parabolic Reflectors

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The Lumatek Shinobi Parabolic Reflector has been designed & engineered in the UK using premium quality components & wiring ensuring a high quality lightweight parabolic reflector. This 80cm HID parabolic hood has been designed to focus the light straight down into a 1sqm footprint and is ideal for growing large plants in small grow rooms/tents.

The lamp holder on the Shinobi Parabolic Reflector is vertically mounted and all the light is reflected downwards rather than sideways. This method of focusing the light ensures an even uniform spread of the light without any hot spots and cool enough to position the hood closer to the plant canopy increasing the amount of PAR (grow light) onto the plant.


  • Focused downward uniform light spread
  • 80cm diameter parabolic for 1 sqm light footprint
  • Can position close to the top of plant canopy for more light
  • Vented top section to reduce heat build-up
  • Highly reflective Focal 95 finish 95% reflectivity
  • Constructed from premium grade components
  • 1.5mm cable, 750V connector & cable grips
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Supplied with 4m IEC lead for simple connection to ballasts
  • Can be used with both CFLs and HID lamps
  • Packaged in flat packs – easier to store and deliver
  • Clear concise instructions for easy assembly
  • Rated for HPS/MH grow lamps up to 1000Watts

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