TECOponic HY150 Hydroponic Water Chiller

Teco TK Hydroponic 150

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The exclusive use of internationally recognised, high-performance compressors ensures high performances and high levels of productivity. The advanced technologies used allows you to decrease noise levels and achieve the highest coefficient of performance contributing to huge energy savings.
The function settings in the chiller is intuitive and the temperature detection is extremely accurate. The setting range is 18o to 22o, the perfect temperature range to eradicate all issues outlined on the previous page!
The hydroponic chiller, with its innovative design, is characterised by a solid structure and a compact size suitable for confined spaces.
The condenser, besides performing its main function is an integral feature to the chiller. It makes the use of a filter unnecessary and eliminates the cleaning issues normally associated with hydroponics. This model, however, is just a chiller and doesn’t feature the heating feature of the other TECO products in this section of the catalogue. , Click here.

Ideally used with a 1000 L/H Water pump, for ideal cooling.

Technical Details

Supply -> 230V-50Hz (others supplies available on quantity)

Power Consumption (Cooling) -> 150 W

Ecological Gas -> R134a

Min. and Max. Flow Rate -> 300 lt/h – 500 lt/h

Tank Size -> up to 150 lt (water temp. 20°C – Room temp. 30°C)

Dimensions -> mm. 215 x 361 x 315 (h)

Dimensions -> in. 8.46 x 14.21 x 12.4 (h)

Weight -> 12,2 kg / 26.9 lb

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